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Tampon Book with tampons

The Tampon Book saves VAT


The Tampon Book breaks two taboos: On the one hand, it ensures that female menstruation is no longer only whispered about, and on the other it breaks with the tax rate of 19% that is usually charged for sanitary products.
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100% measurable: Augmented reality (AR) packaging


The future is now: Staggering growth is predicted for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Implementing computer-supported applications such as these in packaging enables manufacturers to improve the customers’ experience and increase customer loyalty.
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“Loop”, the joint initiative of Carrefour and TerraCycle, aims to improve recycling. Photo: Carrefour

France Develops Loop System for Reusable Packaging


Launched in France, picked up in New York and already scheduled for implementation in other cities: The joint initiative between Carrefour and TerraCycle, called Loop, aims to reduce packaging waste.
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It doesn’t just look good: The Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is a running shoe that is 100% recyclable. Photo: ADIDAS AG

Adidas Boosts Recycling with Trainers


Adidas, the world-famous sporting goods manufacturer, wants to push its objective to boost recycling even more in the future using a new method of shoe development. Following hot on the heels of the Parley shoe, created from ocean plastic, the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoe, a 100% recyclable shoe, is due to hit the market from 2021.
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From 20 May 2019 cigarette packaging and related product packaging in the EU must be marked with an individual ID code pursuant to the EU Tobacco Product Directive. Photo: Tim Reckmann@ flickr.com

EU Tobacco Products Directive: Track and Trace for tobacco products


The first phase of the revised EU Directive on the traceability of tobacco products comes into effect on 20 May 2019. From then on cigarette packs etc. will have to be labelled with an individual ID code.
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“The Modern Man

Unboxing experiences for e-Commerce packaging


The online trading sector is booming. And this means an increased demand for packaging. Besides expecting packaging to protect goods during transport, consumers have high requirements with regard to design and convenience. The manufacturers’ answer: Functional and creative packaging for positive customer experiences.
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A paradise in light brown and grey. Not many online retailers use shipping packaging that does justice to their brands. Photo: #93753230, Paketdienst © Bumann, www.fotolia.com

The unboxing experience as part of brand communication


Packaging always includes unboxing. Product and shipping packaging are fundamental components of brand communication.
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This hazard symbol tells us that washing detergent must not be handled by children. Photo: 185630844 | Copyright: fotohansel, fotolia.com

Packaging Symbols, Part 4: User safety


In this series on packaging symbols, we are looking at symbols that we often see around us. However, we can’t always say offhand what they actually mean.
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Forgot the tomato ketchup for your French fries? Order online and have it delivered by drone rather than collecting it in the car – this is more eco-friendly. Photo:  Amazon

Parcel by Drone: 13 minutes from the order to delivery


It took the Amazon delivery exactly 13 minutes to arrive at the shopper’s home in England after the order was placed – delivered by drone.
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The Möbius loop tells us that the packaged product can be recycled. Photo: Wikipedia

Packaging Symbols, Part 3: Recycling


In this series on packaging symbols, we are looking at symbols that we often see around us. However, we can’t say offhand what they actually mean.
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