Packaging that looks at you

Big brother ist watching you


The simple presence of watching eyes printed on posters or advertising flyers reduces people’s proneness to littering. Watching eyes posters also helped to reduce bicycle theft. ©

How packaging influences behaviour

© Newcastle University

Studies conducted by Newcastle University show that any form of watching eyes on packaging can be a simple yet effective strategy against littering. © Newcastle University

Littering - a global issue

Health Poster 'Put your litter in its proper place' from Archives New Zealand,

Asking people directly to use bins is less efficient than a more subtle approach, using, for instance, a pair of penetrating eyes. When consumers feel they are being told what do, they often rebel.
Health Poster 'Put your litter in its proper place' from Archives New Zealand,

Did you know...

Group Of Volunteers Tidying Up Rubbish On Beach © Monkey Business /

4,000 candles, 236 toothbrushes and 117 mattresses: these are the items found on Pacific Coast beaches during clean-up operations. Group of Volunteers Tidying Up Rubbish on Beach © Monkey Business,

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