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The 1 on 1 principle


“By sharing you can do something good.” This message is clearly communicated on the packaging of the new product brand “Share” for water, nut bars and hand soap.
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The ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser VHD scores points both with its handling at high temperatures and with its dosing and filling of high-viscose products. Photo: Viscotec

Precision Counts


With bodycare product packaging the highest levels of precision are required in production and processing. As far as the aesthetics of the products is concerned design, colour, surface and texture are key aspects affecting consumer purchasing decisions.
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High-priced cosmetics brands often package their exquisite products in frosted glass that captivates shoppers with its understated elegance. Photo: Kiehls

Finer Living with Packaging


What looks nice sells well. Packaging is a considerable sales argument in the cosmetics market.
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Numerous companies use water-saving methods when producing their packaging. One such firm is the food group Nestlé that has established its own ‘Water-Saving Initiative’. Photo: pixabay.com/pexel.com

Saving Water with Packaging


(Clean) water is life – but this resource is finite, too. Even now some countries are suffering from a lack of this precious liquid. Packaging manufacturers are also looking for solutions to raise consumer awareness about saving water with their products.
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 So appealing to our sense of smell can be important.  Scented coatings are an important component in multisensory marketing.

Pleasantly fragrant packaging


There’s nothing like a pleasant fragrance to make us feel happy and contented.
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RecycleReady from DOW even allows the recycling of mixed materials. Photograph: Dow Chemical Company

PureCycle: How Procter & Gamble want to revolutionise plastics recycling


Sustainability is now a major trend. Both consumers and packaging manufacturers are seeking to adopt a conscious approach to materials and their recyclability. When it comes to plastics recycling, there is of course still room for improvement. However, new processes are now available which may be heralding a revolution.
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Safe Packaging


Mineral oil residue in foodstuffs is a topic the packaging industry has reacted to in the past few years with suitable solutions. So-called foodsafe coatings could also be of interest to the cosmetics sector in future.
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Photo: zao

Sustainable packaging


Everything in the cosmetics industry needs to be as natural and sustainable as possible – not just the ingredients and the manufacturing process, but increasingly also the packaging design.
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Simply refilling packaging benefits all parties involved. Mac Cosmetics

Turn Empty into Full


More and more cosmetics groups are offering refillable products. High-quality packaging benefits both shoppers and the environment.
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Graph: Messe Düsseldorf

Growth of the global cosmetics packaging industry


By 2020, the global cosmetics packaging industry will grow by 15.5 percent because more packaging units will be sold in this sector.
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