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Solero ice cream packaging

Ice cream trends 2019: Innovative and sustainable ice cream packaging


Summer is ice cream season and the popularity of the cool, sweet refreshment has been steadily increasing for years. Manufacturers and retailers are guided by the wishes of consumers and, in addition to healthy ingredients, also focus on sustainable packaging and convenience.
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By the year 2025, Swiss food company Nestlé aims to make its packaging solely out of recyclable or reusable materials. Photo: theaelix, flickr.com

Nestlé is making all their packaging recyclable


By the year 2025, Swiss food company Nestlé aims to make its packaging solely out of recyclable or reusable materials.
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Photo: Sappi

More Luxury for Confectionary Packaging in 2019


Bright prospects for confectionary packaging in 2019: finishing ranks at the very top of the agenda for this booming industry. The more exquisite the products, the more sophisticated their packaging gets. However, convenience, sustainability and personalisation are also on consumers’ wish list.
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Photo: © Constantia Flexibles

147 million chocolate Father Christmases ready for Christmas


Christmas always generates the highest sales figures in the retail trade – and it’s the best time for feasting. Year on year, Germany alone produces 147 million Father Christmases (for Christmas) and St Nicholases (for 6 December) – over 30% for export.
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Scary Packaging for Halloween


On 31 October it’s not just people but also a lot of packaging that looks scary.
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Consumer Information on Packaging to Fight Obesity


As our eating habits change, moving away from fresh produce to convenience food and confectionery the number of obese people of all ages is rising. Children are particularly susceptible to obesity. Consumer information on packaging provides orientation in the “nutrition jungle”.
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Ice-cold “lickable” long drinks in hip and cool packaging for a young target group. Photo: Suck It.

Cocktails and Long Drinks as Ice Lollies


Like Ice in the Sunshine ... a song that immediately triggers that summer feeling. Nearly no-one – young or old – refuses the chance to cool down with an ice cream when temperatures climb to over 25°C. For grown-ups, refreshment now comes in party-ready form with a dash of alcohol in cool or elegant packaging.
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The chocolate bars were packaged in a single-finger format to launch KitKat Ruby in Japan and Korea. Photo: shop.nestle.jp.

Nestlé’s KitKat to turn pink now


Red plastic packaging in a 4-finger format with red lettering on a white oval background – this is how KitKat used to be known in Europe. With the launch of the new flavour KitKat Ruby the chocolate snack by Nestlé will turn pink for the first time – both inside and out.
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No Kinder Surprise Eggs in the USA for almost 50 years now. The reason: a law adopted in 1938 that prohibits packaging objects inside sweets. Photo: Derek Key / Flickr.com

Free the Egg!


A packaging inside the packaging inside the packaging: the greatest thing about Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise Egg is the anticipation. There are countries in this world, however, where children are not allowed to hunt for hidden toys – the USA being a case in point.
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Test your sweet tooth. Ranging from dark to light, four chocolate blancmanges under REWE’s own brand each have a different sugar content. Photo: REWE

Testing a chocolate quartet


40, 30, 20 – no, this is not a countdown but a new initiative by the German retail chain REWE to promote its own brand chocolate blancmange. Packaged in four different ways and with four different levels of sweetness, customers were asked to test how much sugar they actually needed in their chocolate puddings.
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