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Three plastic bottles with water

Underground railway ticket for plastic bottles


It is now possible to exchange plastic bottles for tickets for the underground railway and buses in Rome. The city is attempting to tackle its waste problem with this initiative.
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Coca-Cola Hutchinson bottle

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers as retro packaging


Target group: Millennials, destination: Fashionable bars, target drink: Cuba Libre. Coca-Cola is supplying an exclusive premium line to bars in Britain that draws on the design of the original Hutchinson bottle as its model. The US company is now also catering to the booming demand for bar lemonades with a total of four Signature Mixers that feature matching retro packaging.
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Picnic basket and wine on grass

Bag-in-box wines: handy and sustainable


This packaging system was invented in the USA in 1955: A cardboard box with a handle contains a plastic pouch, which is connected to a tap that in turn emits the beverage. Wines have been bottled in pouches for around three decades. But despite their many advantages, bag-in-box wines are only now gaining international recognition.
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Coke bottling

Coca-Cola Vintage Edition Reusable Glass Bottles


In Germany, Coca-Cola is celebrating their 90th birthday with a special edition of their glass bottle with a distinctly vintage look. And that’s not the only event that the US company is looking back on around the world. But the past is not the only thing on their minds: they are also looking ahead.
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50,000 plastic cups for a football field. Photo: AB InBev Efes

A football field made out of plastic Budweiser cups


The Budweiser ReCup Arena in Sochi, Russia, showcases recycling that dares to be different.
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Beverage Packaging


Consumers want their beverages to have environmentally friendly packaging. Glass, PET, metal or composite cartons – each material has different benefits when it comes to performance and the environment.
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Photo: Garçon Wines

Flat wine and water bottles that fit through your letterbox


Bottles typically have a round shape. However, if they are square, they save space during storage and transport – which in turn means they also save energy. New beverage packaging proves this. They can even be made thin enough to fit through the flap of a letterbox.
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50 years of Capri-Sonne – the lemon classic is back on our shelves. Photo: Capri-Sun

Retro Packaging in Vintage Style at Capri-Sonne, Coca-Cola & Co.


Packaging can also celebrate “round number birthdays” – one reason for producers of longstanding popular international brands to launch advertising campaigns and limited special editions as a token of appreciation for their shoppers.
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Over 90% of consumers think that glass bottles do not influence the aroma – and they are right because this material is inert and does not interact with the contents.

Clean Labelling: One in Two Shoppers Reads the Ingredients List on the Packaging


Smart, clean and healthy: as the new year arrives producers of beverage packaging are called upon to re-think their approach. Consumers attach increasing importance to sustainability, healthy ingredients and packaging.
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Conventional disposable PET bottles are made from compound materials and are still rather difficult to recycle.

New packaging regulations: How are packaging companies responding?


Beverage containers have been subject to new regulations in Germany since 1 January 2019. Thanks to innovative technologies and products, drinks packaging recycling has become simpler than ever.
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