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Product news 2018


The firm presents the bagger ILERSAC W and the new high-performance palletizer ILERPAL W

TMI has just launched a new bagger ILERSAC W, a high production bagger specially designed for plastic-coated raffia sacks (WPP), but also capable of working with paper bags, PE and BOPP.

It is a solution that presents flexibility and versatility as its main features. It guarantees a production of up to 1400 bags/hour and is designed to work in difficult environments, such as high pollution industries or working with abrasive products. We should also mention its large modular capacity, as it is composed of different units that can be combined according to the specific needs of each customer.

As accessory to this type of bagger, TMI will also promote the new high-performance palletizer ILERPAL W, a top-loading and robotic clamp solution that is capable of handling up to 1400 bags per hour. The most important characteristic of the new design is that it minimizes the kinematic movements of the machine, as it includes a belt that runs in solidarity with the robot clamp that handles the bags, so that they are delivered automatically at the point of unloading.


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bagger ILERSAC W


high-performance palletizer ILERPAL W