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Product news 2017

ALPMA to present new SC 60 machine at upakovka 2017

ALPMA Group (one of the leading producers of dairy and food industry equipment) will present its new SC 60 machine for cutting cheese into segments during upakovka 2017, which is to take place on 24-27 January 2017 in Moscow.

The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art servo technology for optimum monitoring and control of the cutting process. Depending on the need, it is possible to cut cheese blocks into a definite number of portions (without fixed weight), or by weight for fixed weight portions. Cheese measurement and segmentation is done fully automatically – as is the transportation of the cut cheese via a discharging conveyor.

SC 60 is capable of cutting round cheeses of different texture: both soft and firm semi-hard cheeses. This is achieved by using different interchangeable blade systems: semi-hard cheeses such as Edam are cut with classic precision blades, whereas soft cheeses (blue cheeses, cheeses with mould) – with ultrasound knives specifically developed by ALPMA. These ultrasound knives cut fragile and brittle cheeses by means of high vibration, which at the same time ensures absence of cheese residue on the knives.


Michael Kurako at upakovka 2017

Michael Kurako will take part in the international upakovka 2017 fair to be held on 24-27 January, 2017, in Moscow

The company supplies equipment for manufacturing, filling and packaging a wide variety of products in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and chemical industries, and is an official representative of leading manufacturers of packaging and processing equipment meeting all the world Good Manufacturing Practices requirements (GMP and FDI).

Michael Kurako's partners are reputable international manufacturers: Waldner GmbH & Co. KG (of equipment for pre-packing and packing of various products into plastic and glass packages and containers, vacuum driers and drying cabinets, reactors and solution preparation systems), Dividella AG (TOPLoading packaging solutions, feeding systems for pharmaceutical packaging systems), Enflex (horizontal machines for packing free-flowing, viscous, liquid, and paste forms into flexible packages), Perfect Pack (packing into sachets, complete packaging lines), Sarong S.p.A. (packing suppositories, unit doses, packaging materials), Heino Ilsemann (thermoforming and cartoning machines, complete packaging lines comprising blister packaging machines, cartoning machines, wrapping machines, machines for packing into boxes, and palletising), Optima (lines for sterile and non-sterile filling of syringes, cartridges, bottles, freeze-driers, and isolators), MG2 (machines for filling of capsules), Seidenader (inspection machines, Track&Trace systems), GUK (folding machines), NETZSCH Vakumix (technological equipment for producing liquid, viscous homogeneous products), BELIMED SAUTER AG (washing GMP machines and steam sterilisers), L.B. Bohle (granulators, mixers, coaters, handling), Korsch AG (tablet presses).

The primary goal of the company is not just to provide its customers with quality and state-of-the-art equipment, but also render maintenance services over warranty and post-guarantee periods.



SOMIC at upakovka 2017: quicker and safer

SOMIC, German producer of packaging equipment and box forming machines will take part in the international trade fair upakovka 2017, which is to take place on 24-27 January 2017 in Moscow.

Such functions as product changing, efficiency and affordability of machines are decisive factors for an optimum packaging process. Hence SOMIC will introduce Tray Packer 424 T2 for collating, grouping and packaging products in open trays and boxes, which is superior to equivalent equipment made by other producers as far as flexibility, speed, and format changing are concerned.

The latest developments for the machine include a carton blank magazine with quick-change technology, which makes format changes possible without tools. This new technology completely eliminates the need for readjustments and testing, which speeds up format changes by more than 50%.

Optimised space usage while retaining the machine's compactness has enabled significant increases to all three dimensions of the packaging volumes. Thus the format range has been extended from 400 mm to 460 mm in length and from 300 mm to 350 mm in width and height.

Now the enhanced collection area allows convenient access to the interior of the machine. This essentially simplifies service work and format changing.

A precisely reproducible positioning of hot melt units means that in future SOMIC machines will be able to apply adhesive more accurately. This is particularly important when using small carton blanks.

SOMIC - Tray Packer 424 T2

TERRA PRINT GROUP and Nilpeter will present their new solutions for producing flexible packaging and labels at upakovka 2017

On 24 - 27 January, 2017 Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya will host upakovka, 25th International Trade Fair. TERRA PRINT GROUP will present at its stand solutions for producing flexible packaging and labels of Denmark’s Nilpeter, as well as other partners’ information re equipment intended for the polymer industry.

upakovka is a major trade show wherein key industry’s stakeholders take part every year. The purpose of our participation is to present solutions developed by Nilpeter, our leading Danish partner, as well as solutions for producing polymer products by other well-known industry vendors. At the show we are planning to meet current and new customers, to consult on technical and technological issues and a lot more. ‘Hopefully, upakovka 2017 will become a successful kick-off for us in the new year’, states Alexander Astafyev, Head of Department for Flexible Packaging and Label Production Solutions.

Highly automated equipment by Nilpeter meets all the modern market requirements and even exceeds them. To improve label quality Nilpeter machines feature state-of-the-art engineering solutions: UV printing; fully automatic register control and print quality video monitoring systems; modern drive and web tension control systems; sophisticated flexographic inking systems and finishing modules. Application of a hybrid technology combining various printing and finishing types in one production run allows the producer to most effectively use their main advantages when developing a product range.

For polymer production TERRA PRINT GROUP will present at the stand information on a variety of complete solutions for producing films and film products, moulded and blown articles, plastic sheets, tubes, profiles, and granules. The list of equipment includes a wide range of S-Dai bag making machines, built-in Guingi printing units, Ciola and Carnevalli single and multilayer extruders and granulation lines etc.

It should be noted that upakovka features all processing chain parts – from raw materials resources to ready-made packaging solutions, and will traditionally take place in tandem with interplastica 2017 international trade fair. The organisers expect the two fairs to cumulatively attract at least 20,000 industry visitors. Please be reminded that this summer upakovka gained support from well-known world packaging associations, such as VDMA, UCIMA, Flexible Packaging Europe, ALUFOIL, Amec Envasgraf, IK, CCPIT, IKMIB, PACKMASH, and NC Pack.